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Pea's Playtime Adventures

(sexually explicit writing)

November 20th, 2005

More strap-on action @ 11:57 am

Last night Arecee poked me with the strap-on again, and took some pictures!

My livejournal scrapbook has been pretty flaky recently. If you don't see 2 pictures below, try hitting the reload or refresh button in your browser. Hopefully both will show up.

We've talked a few times about maybe taking some really nasty pics to share with you. Well, this time we did it. Actually, Ar took the pics, all I had to do was lay there and get fucked in the ass with her big purple dildo. This is sorta a big step for us. We're not really into porn, and these pics are definitely what you'd call "amateur".

Ar put the hood on me. She also put cuffs on my wrists, and chained my arms up to the top of the bed. I'm laying on my back, with my ass near the foot of the bed. I could hear her putting the harness on. She she grabbed the camera, and I could hear little beeps as she fiddled with it. She took a couple pictures, and not being able to see with the hood on, I wondered if they were of me, of her, or what they might be. I know some people get really turned on from this... often called "camera sluts". But it just doesn't do much more me, I'm sad to say. A few times I felt the end of the dildo laying on my skin, prodding me gently, as she worked with the camera.

Eventually, she was done fiddling, put on a glove on and applied lube to the dildo, and next thing I knew it was pressing against me. First softly, then she applied pressure. It's always so big at first, seems like I can't let it in. But after a few presses, the head was in me. She gave quite a shove and most of the rest rammed into me.

She thrusted a while, making me scream. Or attempt to scream, inside the hood. It wasn't laced up extremely tight, though it certainly was snug. I guess I breath a lot of air in and out while moaning and screaming. I can feel much of it inside the hood, on my face, flexing the leather away as I breath out, then pulling it tight as I attempt to get breath in. There are two little nose holes, and another tiny hole over the mouth. I could feel those 3 little holes against my skin, my only access to the outside world.

In a few moments she stopped and grabbed the camera to take a couple pictures. There were a few other times she took a pics too. They're all pretty similar, and here's one that turned out the best. Here she's got my legs up on her chest, my feet are near the sides of her head, and she's holding the camera between my legs pointing down. Well, the picture probably says it all anyways...

Here's a pic she took before penetrating me, so you can see the entire dildo. Yes, I admit it. I'm a size queen. This is the one we almost always use.

Between the attempted at amateur action photography, she thrusted me quite vigorously a few times. One in particular, she had it coming all the way out and plunging back in quite roughly. Very exciting, gets me really worked up, really screaming, unable to catch my breath inside the confinement of the hood. She didn't even do a 2nd lube this time! She set the camera on the nearby dresser and gave me one final round of relentless pounding, so incredibly fast. So times I tense up and she has to stop for a moment and forcefully command me to relax and put my hips back down onto the edge of the bed. Of course I obey. Being commanded like that really, really works for me! She gave me quite a ride and then stopped suddenly and we were done.

Honestly though, I think the camera work is a bit distracting for me. I can't stop thinking about it. Well, during that frantic thrusting I don't think of anything at all. It was still lots of fun, but overall, it wasn't quite the experience where we really connect like usual.

So after she was done, so took the harness off and dropped into the floor. Well, actually onto the towel she puts on the floor to catch any drops of lube. There also another towel she lays on the bed that I lay my back onto. You can probably see both towels in the photos. Then, she pushes me back onto the bed, lowering my legs so me feet are somewhere near her hips. This gets me farther onto the bed, so I won't fall or start to drop off when she steps away from where she'd been standing to fuck me so hard.

She then crawled onto the bed, unlocked the cuffs from the chain, and pulled me farther up on the bed. At first she attempted to pull by my body, but then she grabbed the towel. It's amazing how much better that works. I'm still utterly overloaded from the sensations, unable to move myself. But I can shift my weight a bit, and the feeling of moving up the bed being pulled by the towel under my back is really quite strange. Maybe this whole thing makes me feel like a bit of a sex object, and that moment being pulled around sort of drives it home in my head?

So we lay together on the bed. She piled up a few pillows to lean on, and had her legs around my upper body. My head was right between her legs. We talked for a while. I could feel the warmth from her pussy on the top of my head. A few times I'd move a bit and she'd react. Eventually, as I came down from the sensations she'd inflicted all over me via my ass and sphincter, I started to press upward, nodding slowly to rub her.

I asked if she wanted more sensation herself, which is going to mean the vibe. Even though I had sex on my mind, remembering how absolutely incredible it was last time, I was quite pleased when she agreed. She gets such an incredibly strong orgasm from the vibrator, and I so rarely can convince her to let me give it to her.

Now well able to get up and walk, I disappeared into the bathroom to grab the hitachi magic wand. She really prefers the acuvibe, with it's slower, deep feeling motion, but it's broken. Really need to get a new one soon. It's too bad they're so cheaply made (other people in the scene have burned them out too). But its well worth the expense even if we have to keep buying new ones.

The hitachi magic wand is a bit too strong, even on its low setting. I start out low, nowhere near her clit, and still it's too much. Her legs tense up. I tell her to try an relax. Sometimes we've done this at parties and people hear her moaning and see me doing something and assume I'm topping. Let me assure you, she's certainly the one in control here, and in that moment she replied in absolutely no uncertain terms that I was to wait and go slow as she adjusted to it, assuring me she'd relax her legs when she was ready to. Actually, it's quite a relief for me. I really love servicing her like this. Especially that she's going to cum so hard, and I'm not going to get any release for now really puts me into the reality of the submissive role I'm supposed to have. Of course I'd rather have sex, but on a submissive level I'm really glad she's getting to take what she wants and I'm to be of service giving it to her.

Well, she did relax her legs in a few moments. I kept going slow for some time, and it really seems to be good for her. I've learned not to move the hitachi upward near her clit. It's just too much. Instead I keep it really low and use the fingers of my free hand to press on her skin, way up on her pubic mound. I can touch almost anywhere and feel the vibration. It's so strong. So I press slowly and gently, and the vibration coupling through the skin seems to pass by her clit more. She arches her back and lets out the most amazing moans. Even this can be too much too fast if I'm not careful, and I'm still trying to get the hang of using the hitachi successfully. She moans and writhes quite a lot, and I wonder if it's little orgasm or little build up. At the moment, I'm pretty focused, so caught up in it. Now, writing the next day, I wonder what it must feel like? Anyway, after quite a bit of build up, so eventually came really hard, very suddenly.

We lay together a short while, then both got up to get cleaned up for an evening out with vanilla friends. What an amazing time this had been. It's so great when we can make the most of the time we have!

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Date:November 21st, 2005 01:03 am (UTC)
makes me want to pull out my long gloves for fisting... ;D
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Date:November 21st, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)
Hey! This is lindsay ...just thought I'd drop you a line so you know who i am on here and such...it was amazing to hang out with you and the other great people at the tng munch this afternoon :) me love you long time
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Date:November 21st, 2005 08:12 am (UTC)
Hi. Glad you had fun today. Really glad I had that rubber flogger in the toybag. Somehow, I suspect you just wouldn't have had the same experience without it!

One quick thing... I try to keep my kink and vanilla lives separate (especially in any googlable medium), so if you write of me in a kink context, please use "peajayess" or "pea" or "p".
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Date:November 23rd, 2005 01:11 am (UTC)
Hi! I linked over here from budget_bdsm

Hott story. I'm a big fan of the Magic Wand myself.

I gotta know...which cock is that? Where'd you get it?

Two of my lovers are total size queens, and they would love that cock.

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Date:November 23rd, 2005 05:30 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure it was made by Vixen. It might be discontinued now. Here's the site anyway...

Some stores might still have it or be able to get it. Came in two versions, straight and curved. The straight one is in that picture We had to special order it from via a local store, since they normally only carried the curved version. This looks like the curved one.

There is one even larger, named the "spinal tap" (no relation to the fictitious band). We have it. It's a little wider, and 2 inches longer. That's longer than can all fit into me. It's smoother, and honestly, at least for anal fucking, the slightly smaller size with those bumps feels more intense to me. But here is it. I'm told this is the largest size made in silicone material. I believe this is the one the Purple Goddess uses on her partner!

Of course, there are lots of cheap non-silicone dildos on the market.
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Date:November 23rd, 2005 03:47 am (UTC)
That purple thing definitely deserved the "Ohmygod the pictures loaded!"

*hugs* Btw, where did you get that little rubber flogger? It was quite lovely.
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Date:November 23rd, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
Turns out LJ servers were having problems that day.

I think that flogger you saw on Sunday came from Spartacus (near Powell's books downtown). Rather nasty, not a good warmup toy. Stings a lot. It's probably this very affordable one:

Saw L's post. Hope she's ok. If she's going to be spending the weekend alone, tell her to come to the munch tonight and get hooked up for some fun this weekend that's sure to get her mind off her troubles :-)
Date:February 8th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)


That's an impressive strapon! I hoped to get fucked like that someday. Earlier today I wrote a story involving strapon sex. Let me know what you think of it. It's currently my most recent journal entry.