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Pea's Playtime Adventures

(sexually explicit writing)

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peajayess - BDSM Play & Pain Slut
1 January 1971
Sexually Explicit (Kinky) Journal
Adults Only!

Do not read if you're under-age. Stop now, this is for adults only!

Do not read if you are offended by kinky activities (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, fetish, fantasy role play, etc), or frank discussion of sex and sexual activities. If you find such writing offensive, stop now and don't read my journal.

There, I've tried to warn you...

About This Journal

I try to write about the BDSM play I do, when I have permission to write publicly from all involved. Everything you read in my journal is a true, honest, non-fictional account of actual real-life play. It's not made-up fantasy fiction. All people involved are consenting adults.

I feel it's an important freedom to allow you to read anonymously, so all entries are marked public. Voyeurism is welcome here! There's a few ways to read. You are welcome to add me to your friends list (don't need my permission), or read via RSS (if you know how), or just visit my recent entries web page. More on LJ friends below.

My goal is to share with you a little touch of the passion, excitement and intimacy during play, insofar as that is possible writing in hindsight the next day about the intensity of those wonderful moments so recently past. Ideally, I hope you, or someone you love, or somebody somewhere may gain a glimpse of insight, even some understanding of the tremendously positive emotional energy that underlies these seemingly strange activities. Realistically, it'd bring a smile to my face to know you find my little journal entertaining.

This isn't meant to be an educational how-to beginner's guide. There are many excellent instructional books. Often we play pretty rough, moreso than recommended for novices. Please know we've been at this for a long time, building upon many years of experiences. If you're inspired to try intense play, please exercise good judgement, pay attention to safety, and keep a sense of loving care.

I do appreciate honest and respectful feedback, so feel free to add comments. Anonymous comments are ok. If you have a blog on another site, please post the link in your comment.

About Me

I'm male, 30s, in a long-term committed relationship with Arecee. We've lived together for several years. Ar's the Top, I bottom. We do BDSM play with other people we know and trust, but define our relationship as sexually monogamous. On some occasions we have a flexible definition of exactly what sex is :-)

Reading only this journal, you might think all we ever do is play and fuck. We do strive to make time for play, but we also both work, spend time with vanilla friends and family, and do the little mundane things in life. I just don't write about any of that stuff here, partly because it doesn't make for interesting reading, but mostly because we live in a society that sadly isn't very accepting of openness regarding sexual topics and kinky play. Writing so openly about our play involves some personal risk, and I try to mitigate that risk by not discussing work or vanilla life. Also, names are changed for the sake of this journal to protect the, er, "innocent".

Of work, I would like to briefly communicate that I'm quite fortunate to be in a line of work where I really do enjoy what I do. All jobs involve certain necessary chores, but overall, I do get a great personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from work. I wish we could all live in some alternate sexually-accepting universe/society where I could safely share some of that with you on-line, boring as it may be. Just know that, if not daily, certainly on the scale of weeks and months, this other part of my life you can't see really is pretty rewarding.

Livejournal Friends List

All my entries are public. For many people's journals, you need to be on their friends list and filters to read their most interesting writings. Not so here. You always have complete access.

If you "keep up" on livejournal by reading your friends page, then by all means go ahead and add me to your friends list. There's no need to ask me first for permission. Some people take unannounced friending personally, but I'm flattered to discover you're interested.

You do need to be on my LJ friends list if you want to share your journal with me, since my friends page is the way I "keep up". I have a strong preference for reading from people I've actually met in person, but if you have something you really want to share with me, just go ahead and ask me to add you. If you regularly post surveys, horoscopes and memes, please please please use a filter! Yes, I'm a masochist, but not for endless silly surveys every day.


Tags are used to mark entries where someone other than Arecee played with me. If that's you, or you just want to find all the entries for a particular top, just click on the tag. Here is the page with all the tags, so you can quickly find the ones you want.

Often I forget to add the tag when posting, but go back and add it. Also, this tags feature started after this journal was created, and I've tried to go back and add tags to all the old entries. But I'm only human and I've probably missed some (hmmm, maybe severe punishment is needed?) If you see any that need a tag added, please at least post a comment on that entry. Thanks.

Yahoo IM ...

If you'd like to chat with me by IM, please feel free to contact me anytime. But please DO begin right away with "I read your kinky journal" or something like that. Mention a specific entry you read. Whatever you do, DO NOT send a "buzz". Scammers do that, and I've started immediately banning anyone I don't know who sends a buzz.

Real-Life Kink Community

For anyone reading this with a passion for kinky activity but only lurking online (as I did through most of the 90's), I want to tell you just briefly what a wonderfully open and accepting community of perverts awaits, should you get up the nerve to come out to munches or other events. It can take time and many visits to really get to know people, especially if you're socially shy... but it's really worth the effort. Making friends with fellow kinksters in person and especially playing at real play parties is nothing like the internet-only kink experience.

Happy Reading

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my journal and its wordy, long winded babbling about the passionate kinky excitement in my life. Here's a convenient link to start reading my recent entries.

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